The Vision


Pasadena DOT has identified 4 North/South routes in Pasadena to receive street enhancements that increase safety, walkability and bikability. Thanks to LA Metro, the city of Pasadena now has the funding to design and construct the Greenways. Below are some concepts that would decrease cut-through traffic and reduce speeds. What would you like to see?


El Molino Ave is a popular street for people to walk on. Whether we are walking our dogs, walking for exercise, or just out on a nice evening stroll we want to feel safe. Unfortunately, El Molino has historically not been as safe as it could be.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the street safer for the people who live on El Molino. The city can implement the following:


The current design has 0.1 miles of bike lanes. Starting at Maple St the bike lanes go across the 210 freeway and end at Corson St. El Molino Ave is 3.4 miles long as it extends towards city limits. Along a street as dangerous as El Molino, having buffered bike lanes South of the Freeway would be a great option for people on bikes.

Some streets are not eligible for bike lanes because of their width. For streets North of the 210 fwy, bicyclists would ride alongside vehicles and 

The Union Street cycle track is currently under construction, and the Cordova bike lanes will get an upgrade in 2023, so making this connection will allow people to ride east and west from these intersections.